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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Art at Last!

First off, let me thank everyone who took the time to vote on my video, "Don't Donate Your Organs to Zombies". We ended up in 4th place after only being up on the site for three days! I have all of you to thank for that. Hopefully, there will be more videos to come (I'm currently working on a YouTube channel).
We finally have here some samples of my art. I will be adding them along with their proper titles to the Facebook page. Some critics might argue that I am merely a doodler, but I truly feel as though my art work has merit. Indeed, I would very much like to enlarge these samples and transpose them onto canvas or wood, but the life of a college student is one of financial constraints. Yet, I do long to return to paint and sculpture...
At any rate, I must point out a few features of my subject matter. Most of what you will see is just ink or pencil on loose leaf paper. I take great joy in symbology - that is, designing symbols. A lot of my work is incredibly symbolic and goes beyond the perimeters of the actual work. I have many different concepts of hearts and different takes on the heart shape. I also tend to incorporate exclamation points, question marks, and crucifixes into my pieces. Alas, the symbol that I have associated with my artistic personality (the stick-figure to the left of this post, that persona being The Sven-Bo!) I first sketched when I was nigh ten-years old. Enough chit-chat, I presume - let us take a look at some of these pieces.

Here is an example of an extremely cubic take on the traditional heart, having been sown into the palm to symbolize the need to stop and let love become a part of you, such that there is love in every touch.

A humanitarian take on the Biblical quote found 1:3 of the Book of Genesis 

The idea that music has laid claim to my heart. 

A surrealist eye, the pupil resembling more closely that of a goat, the eyelashes purple, with a nail incased in a tear of blood.  

Yet another conception of the traditional heart, almond shaped like a face and adorned with devilish horns, windows seemingly cut to allow a view of the substructure within (to the left, an upturned ribcage, and to the right, the spines of a leaf); below, a tear seems to drip from its pointed chin. 

The idea that love is elementary in a literal sense. The numbers all correspond to this conception of love: For example, it's atomic number is 2 (atoms representing two souls), and so on. 
A conception of Liberty built from the juxtaposition of several symbols: The horseshoe representing luck and prosperity, the exclamation point professing the vigor of freedom, and the crucifix as a representation of religious acceptance.

Once more, the peace sign is conceived as a skull, professing the dangers of leading a life of peace. 

Interestingly, here is a sketch of a flower that plays a significant role in a story I wrote when I was 16 called "The Tear Collector" (an excerpt soon to be included here). The flower is called Formosus (Latin for "beautiful"), brilliant purple petals flanked by curling vines surround a bulb of poisonous black thorns; the flower only blooms in moonlight.  

I will end this post on a comical note. Having worked in a deli for three years, you start to experiment with different meat and cheese combinations to see what tastes good together. Since we are talking about art in general, why not include a sample of my culinary art as well? I present to you: The Svenwich!

The Svenwich
Boars Head London broil roast beef, honey maple chicken, pepper-jack cheese, and cajun remoulade on a croissant. The official sandwich of The Sven-Bo!

The Sven-Bo!

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